Being a part of Russian Empire and USSR, Ukrainian culture was oppressed in different ways. - Педагогика

During a long period of time Ukraine was a part of different countries. As a result, trying to assimilate Ukrainians, conquerors tried to oppress our culture. As folk songs and folklore are very important part of Ukrainian culture, they suffered very much. As a result, in general, we lost our connection with historical cultural roots.

Artists usually try to follow Western standards

Nowadays all around the world Western music is very popular and wide-spread. The whole world plays and listens to the music, which originated in the USA: blues, jazz, rock’n’roll, rock, rap, r’n’b, etc. It is an interesting fact that all these styles originated from music which was played by black slaves, we can say, that Afro-Americans created preconditions for those world music, which we have.

Transition: And now let’s discuss situation in modern Ukrainian music.

C. Modern situation in Ukrainian music

Dominance of pop music and Western standards

In Ukraine mainly all musical cultural space consists of popular music, which usually is not original in its nature. Artists try to follow foreign musicians, so Ukrainian music product usually not original and low qualitative. We cannot create added value as we don’t put anything new into music. Both pop and non-format music just tries to recreate music played by the greatest artists and bands.

Efforts of folk music promotion

Nevertheless, there are some positive signals. When Ruslana won Eurovision in 2004, it shows us that Ukrainian folk can create a powerful music product, which will positively stand out against the whole mass not only in Ukraine, but in the whole world too. Also, there some folk bands in Ukraine, which not only play folk music, but promote it. Some time ago in Kyiv metro you could saw city-lights with advertisements by folk-band “Bozhychi”, where they called to store and to save Ukrainian folklore. Among others we can mention “Gulyaygorod”, “Buttya”, “Drevo”, etc.

Transition: So now I would like to sum up my findings on this topic.

III. Conclusion

Review:We’ve discussed roots and peculiarities of Ukrainian music, founded why we lost our connection with those roots and spoke about modern Ukrainian music.

Thesis:There some small positive signals, but in common nation is separated from its cultural, in particular, musical roots.

Memorable ending: Maybe I’m the future of Ukrainian music?


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Sample 8

Informative Speech Outline

Title: Thought Without Language

Topic: Sign Language

General purpose: to inform

Specific purpose: to inform my audience about Sign language problems and the main difficulties that deaf people may face with.

Thesis statement: There are a lot of deaf people around us but we don’t notice them just because we can’t understand their language.


Attention-getter: Do you think that Sign language is that one that you never need?

Credibility material:I had also thought like that before I happened to occur in the situation where people were speaking only Sign language. In that situation I fell like a fish out of water because I couldn’t understand or say just a word.

Relevance: Just think for a minute that you can’t say and hear anything and your ears and mouth are closed, so then how can you express your feelings or explain your ideas? A good way is to play pantomime, but I’m not sure that everybody will understand your thoughts in the same way. Or imagine that some person tries to ask you something on the street but he/she uses only Sign language. In these situations you need to know some facts about talking with signs.

Thesis statement: There are a lot of deaf people around us but we don’t notice them just because we can’t understand their language.

Preview: That’s why I will tell you, firstly, what is the Sign language, then, what difficulties deaf people can meet with, and, finally, how and where we can learn the most common phrases of Sign language.

(So now I’m going to tell you a little bit more about Sign language and people who use it)