Believe in - to have faith in someone, something. He believes in you. She believes in justice for all. верить в кого-то, что-то - Финансы

belong to - to be property of someone This house belongs to his son. This bag belongs to me. принадлежать кому-то

bend down / over - to stoop down She bent down to pick up a penny. наклониться

bend over backwards - to make a great effort to do something She bends over backwards to please him in everything, but he doesn't appreciate it. стараться изо всех сил сделать что-то

benefit from / by - to do good to someone; to gain advantage or profit from something You will benefit from a good rest at the seaside resort. As a future doctor, she benefited a lot from her hospital experience. He benefited greatly from his move to Rome. получить пользу, преимущество, выгоду от чего-то

bet on - to make a bet on something Don't bet on this horse. He will do it, you can bet on it. No, I won't bet on it. поспорить, поставить на что-то

bet with - to have a bet with someone I won't bet with you, you always win. поспорить с кем-то

beware of - to be cautious of someone, something Beware of the dog! Beware of what you wish! остерегаться кого-то, чего-то

bite into - to begin to eat She bit into the sandwich hungrily. начать есть

bite off - to separate part of something by biting He bit off a piece of bread and began to chew. The boss will bite my head off if I don't finish this report today. откусить

bite on - to bite The dog bit him on the leg. укусить за

black out - to make dark so that nothing can be seen The lights and windows were blacked out before the air raids. He blacked out all names in that text. She blacked out, fell down and hurt her knee. затемнять (окна); выключать (свет); вымарывать (текст); потерять сознание

blame for - to say that someone is responsible for something wrong She blamed him for the loss of her bag. She blamed him for losing her bag. Who is to blame for this terrible mistake? винить кого-то в чем-то

blame on - to place the responsibility for something wrong on someone She blamed everything on him. He blames it on her, of course. The police blamed the accident on him. возлагать вину за что-то на кого-то

blast off - 1. to blow up; 2. to launch (a spaceship) 1. The explosion blasted off several houses. 2. The spaceship blasted off early in the morning. 1. взорвать; 2. стартовать (о космическом корабле)

bleed for - to sympathize with someone, to feel for someone My heart bleeds for her. сочувствовать кому-то

bleed to death - to lose a lot of blood He almost bled to death. истекать кровью до смерти

blow away - to be taken away by the wind I dropped the newspaper and the wind blew it away. унести ветром

blow off - to let the steam escape; to reduce tension Open the lid a little to let the steam blow off. He is quite hot-tempered and needs to blow off steam often. выпустить пар (букв., фигур.)

blow out - to stop burning by blowing She blew out the candles one by one. задуть (огонь, свечу)

blow over - to subside, to end When will this snowstorm blow over? Wait till his anger blows over, then talk to him. The rumors, the scandal and your troubles will blow over soon. утихнуть, прекратиться

blow up - to explode The gas pipe blew up and several people were hurt. The criminals threatened to blow up the building. When her father learned that she had dropped out of school, he blew up. взорвать(ся)

boast of / about - to brag about something He boasted of owning the largest collection of jazz records in town. хвастаться, хвалиться чем-то

borrow from - to take something from someone with a promise to give it back I borrowed 50 dollars from Tom. I borrowed a bicycle from Kate. одолжить что-то у кого-то

bounce off / from - to rebound from something The ball bounced off the wall. отскочить от чего-то

break away (from) - to escape (from someone) They caught him but he managed to break away. He broke away from the police and escaped. вырваться, убежать (от кого-то)

Break down - 1. to become broken; 2. to go to pieces 1. My car broke down yesterday. 2. When she heard the news she broke down and cried. 1. сломаться (о приборе, машине); 2. сильно расстроиться

Break in - 1. to enter, to get in by force; 2. to interrupt someone's conversation 1. The robbers broke in at night. 2. Please don't break in when I'm speaking with another person. 1. ворваться внутрь силой; 2. вмешиваться в разговор, перебивать