Below is a list of famous tycoons. Tell your groupmates what you know about them - Финансы

· Bill Gates (Microsoft) · Mohamed Al Fayed (Harrods) · Richard Branson (Virgin) · Roman Abramovich (Chelsea FC) · Anita Roddick (Body Shop) · Martha Stewart (lifestyle guru) · Hugh Hefner (Playboy) · Yoshiaki Tsutsumi (Industrialist)

12. What are the secrets to success? How do you become a business tycoon? In pairs / groups, talk about how important you think the following are. Rank them in order of most likely to make someone a tycoon.

___ Coming from a rich family ___ Being in the right place at the right time ___ University education ___ Entrepreneurial genius ___ Ideas ___ Ruthlessness
___ Hard work ___ Ability to lie and deceive ___ Luck ___ Ambition

13. Students A think a business tycoon whose illegal actions profit him $180,000,000 should go to prison. Students B strongly believe business leaders should not go to prison for lying about the financial affairs of their companies. Give arguments to each point of view.

14. In pairs / groups, write down questions about business fraud and suitable punishments.

· Ask other classmates your questions and note down their answers.

· Go back to your original partner / group and compare your findings.

· Make mini-presentations to other groups on your findings.

15. You are part of a new committee to decide on clear sentencing rules for business fraud. In pairs / groups, write how serious you think the fraud is in the middle column and your punishments in the right hand column.

FRAUD SERIOUSNESS PUNISHMENT Corporate accounting scandals Credit card fraud False advertising Identity theft Forgery of documents or signatures

Search the Internet and find more information on famous frauds. Share your findings with your group in the next lesson.

17. Make a poster describing one kind of fraud. Describe the measures that need to be taken to eliminate it. Show your posters to your classmates in your next lesson. Did you all write similar things?

18. You are a prisoner serving a five-year prison sentence for a relatively minor fraud. Write a letter to the presiding judge in the Tsutsumi case and tell him what you think of the suspended sentence. Show what you wrote to your classmates in the next lesson. Did you all write about similar things?



Practice the pronunciation of the following words taken from the text which you are going to listen to.

Krispy Kreme, donut company, biggest cookie company, Arnott, biscuit company, Krispy Kreme Iced Dough-Vo donut, Iced Vo-Vo biscuit, lawyers, identical, icing, coconut sprinkling, recipe, sue, confuse, doughnut, accusation, request, withdraw, allegedly, in breach, advice.